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The need for a second videographer is by no means essential, however we feel it really does help get the best results – particularly for our longer length packages. It ensures we capture multiple angles for the ceremony, speeches, first dance etc… as these things only happen once, there’s no retakes! Also many weddings have multiple activities happening simultaneously, so it’s beneficial to have this flexibility on the day. We typically have one videographer shooting close ups, and the other capturing wider angles to show off the venue. Our style is very relaxed and unobtrusive, meaning you’ll hardly know we’re there.

Both Photographers & Videographers are required to be suitably insured in the case of injury to themselves or others, but also to cover the costs incurred by lost equipment or dissatisfied customers. We carry a full suite of insurances to ensure peace of mind for all.

In order to keep our standard very high, we only commit to a select number of weddings a year – usually less than 20 weddings. This ensures we can offer you the care and attention you deserve, and offers you a degree of exclusivity.

One of the things that sets us apart, is the fact that we don’t count strict hours. We film everything from getting ready, through to the last dance and the evening party. We stay as late as necessary to capture enough footage for your chosen package. There’s only so much ‘dad dancing’ and drunken antics required so typically we finish between 9-10pm.

We shoot with professional industry recognised video & audio equipment. We use small yet powerful Sony mirrorless cameras (Main camera – Sony A7Siii for the camera nerds), combined with an motorised camera stabiliser called a Gimbal. We also use various secondary static cameras to capture additional angles during the ceremony. All these cameras are all fairly small and non-intrusive.

Sound is captured by various professional audio recorders, and during the ceremony a small wireless microphone will be placed on the Groom which will go unnoticed. We may also mic up the officiant if they allow. Equally during speeches we aim to capture a high quality audio feed.

Remember our package costs partially cover the extensive investment we make into our equipment each year, including powerful editing Macs. We also have various backup solutions in the event of damage or malfunction of our equipment.

We’re located in Peterborough, a central location on the Northamptonshire & Cambridgeshire boarder which positions us no more than 2.5 hours away from the major parts of the UK. We typically include sensible travel costs within our package costs, any excess mileage costs will be agreed at the time of booking. In some instances we may require overnight accommodation the night before, but this is always avoided where possible.

If you’re getting married abroad we will provide you with a bespoke quote which covers all additional time & travel expenses – don’t worry, we don’t require 5 star accommodation!

It’s uncommon that we need to visit the venue before the wedding day. If the venue is local to us then we are happy to arranging a face to face meeting at your venue – however this is by no means necessary.

We are very experienced and typically explore the venue extra early on the wedding morning, where we capture establishing shots at the same time. Equally we always perform a Google image search which typically flags up all the best areas commonly used for photography & video.

Occasionally the venue may wish to speak to us before hand, to provide proof of insurance. This is absolutely fine, please feel free to pass them our details.

We are a premium quality supplier, however our pricing is very competitive and offers great value for the standard of wedding film we offer. Costs are calculated based on the huge amount of time and attention to detail spent on every single video edit we produce.

Our packages for 2024/2025 currently start at £2,250 for our ‘Short but Sweet’ package. Please request our ‘Packages & Pricing PDF’ using the link here or email enquiries@lifestylevisuals.co.uk for more info.

Yes, we ask for a 20% deposit to secure the date. We’ll provide a full digital booking contract for your peace of mind. Full payment is required 30 days before the wedding day. If you have any questions regarding the booking process don’t be afraid to ask.

We can offer payment plans if you prefer to pay on a monthly basis leading up to your wedding date.

All of our films include specialist licensed music, which can be shared online wherever you like! These tracks are supplied by a range of music subscription sites that provide high quality songs from lessor known artists. There’s a huge amount of beautiful tracks available ideal for your wedding trailers & teaser films. In some circumstances we can include well known ‘pop’ songs for offline viewing, if correct licensing can be obtained. Please discuss with us if you have specific requests.

Generally we advise 12-16 weeks depending on the time of year and our schedule. Remember we are often editing multiple videos at the same time. All of our packages include beautiful ‘teaser videos’ which will be delivered usually within 7 days to build your excitement.

We are happy to work alongside any photographer of your choice. It is not essential that we’ve worked together before, however we are happy to recommend a few photographers that we’re friendly with, a more importantly feel their work is of a high standard and will compliment our video work.

Usually there is an agreement between the videographer and photographer to ‘politely’ give each other room to work. We will be able to work around each other with no detriment to your images or video. We’re super friendly so this is really nothing to worry about!

If you prefer to book just one supplier for both Video & Photography, we’ll be happy to secure one of our recommended photographers on your behalf. Alternatively we can send you our preferred supplier list which will allow you to make direct bookings.

To make a booking we first suggest arranging a consultation call. This is typically by way of video call over Skype/Zoom/Facetime or a traditional phone call if you prefer. This allows us to say ‘hi’ virtually and to find out more about your wedding plans. Once you are happy to proceed with the booking you will be provided with a digital booking contract that can be signed on your phone or laptop. A 20% deposit is then required to secure the booking. At this point you wedding date is secured firmly in our diary.

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