The cost of Wedding Videography explained

So your wedding planning has begun, and your list of ‘must haves’ is growing by the day. Your Wedding day is likely to be one of the most expensive days of your life, and there’s no question that many suppliers seem to add on a few more zero’s as soon as they hear the W word – especially venue hire and entertainment suppliers. In these cases there doesn’t seem to be much justification for this, however in this blog post I’m going to explain and justify why GOOD Wedding Videography can fetch a reasonably large price tag. This also applies to Wedding photography too.

Why Wedding Videography costs so much?

What are you paying for?

Of course the perception of cost is very much subjective, and all weddings have different budgets. Understandably there is usually suppliers who cater for certain price points, and as with most purchases, the more you pay, the better the standard you should expect! (of course this isn’t always the case, so let their portfolio do the talking!). Most good videographers will recommend having 2 videographers present as this adds more angles and coverage of the important parts of the day, this will of course increase costs.

Good wedding Videography is typically in the high hundreds (£) up to the low thousands of pounds.  There’s a good reason for this which I will break down below..

Personal note: If you’re being quoted much higher than £3,000 then I’d start to question why? It may just be a premium for that specific person, if they are in demand then many will be prepared to pay the premium. If there’s no obvious reasoning, then shop around.



Videography equipment is expensive

Firstly consider that you are not only paying for one if not two peoples time and qualifications/skill, but you are also paying for the use of videography equipment which can be very expensive. Most videographers and photographers will turn up to your wedding with equipment worth many thousands of pounds -in most cases more than £10,000+ worth! Not only that but video editing computers are expensive as they require a lot more processing power than your typical home PC. Again cost is accrued by storing the footage itself, hard drive memory is expensive too.

Don’t forget you should put a value on skill. Any good videographer has spend years of their life perfecting their skill, either by self tuition, free practice work, training courses and in my case a full 1st Class Hons Degree in Media Production.

As mentioned in the introduction: of course there are budget videographers, and they are likely to be using cheaper equipment, and in some cases have a lesser skill set and may not have the correct insurances in place – check the portfolio of any videographer you find, if you like their work, then go for it.

Weddings are long and hard days work

Shooting a wedding is by no means a walk in the park. Wedding videography comes with its own challenges and stresses, mainly the fact that you only have one shot at it, there’s no CUT and RESHOOT.

Wedding days are typically over 10 hours long plus travel, normally with very little time for breaks. To a videographer every moment the camera isn’t rolling the chance of missing a key moment increases.

Wedding videography editing takes days & days to finish

After cameras have stopped rolling the job is by no means finished. In most cases the editing is the much larger task often taking up 2-3 full working days to complete, it can be more! Those who aren’t in the industry often don’t realise the time that goes into producing polished professional wedding video edits. Not only this, creating DVD’s and presentation boxes takes a lot of time too. I will expand on the editing process in a future blog post, so check my blog regularly.

The same goes for wedding photography editing too, the best photographers will post-process every single image one by one correcting lighting and colour and re-touching where necessary. The cheaper guys will give you exactly what comes out of the camera, which often has huge potential for improvement if only some extra time was spent (or paid for).

To Conclude

I could go on, but the above covers the main reasons. Remember every job has it’s expenses, and every skill has it’s worth. If you want the best from your wedding be sure to spend the money in the right places. If your looking for a quality wedding videographer, with reasonable and realistic pricing then please don’t hesitate to get it touch for a price guide, or bespoke quotation.

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