What to expect from a videographer at your wedding

So you’re planning your big day and you’ve booked a photographer, however you’re still a little unsure if being filmed is just a step too far. Well no need to panic, it’s really no big deal…

Our videographers work slightly differently to a photographer, and video can be far far less intrusive than having your photo taken. Photography of course requires the obligatory group shots, and most probably the posey shots of the bride and groom together – all of this can feel like it’s more than enough to cope with, but trust us, our video really is painless.

wedding videography - church wedding

Our approach to wedding videography

The great thing about wedding videography by Lifestyle Visuals is our approach – it’s very laid back and informal. We work with a documentary approach meaning we sit back as much as possible to capture those great memories from the side line. Of course we do love to get a few posey shots if the couple is comfortable, however it is by no means necessary. We can capture a great film by just mingling in with the crowd and letting you and your guests have a great time! Many couples have complimented our work whilst saying “we hardly knew you were there”, great hey.

So if you’d like to find out a little more about our services and what options you have, then don’t hesitate to send us a message or drop us a call.

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