Different styles of wedding videos

Different styles of wedding videos

Wedding videos are a brilliant way to capture your big day, and can show far more of what went on than a photograph. This is why more and more couples are choosing to have both a photographer & videographer at their wedding. There is a few different styles of wedding video you will come across when searching for your ideal wedding videographer. This blog will briefly break down a few of the common styles.


Handy cam style – stop & start recording

The most basic style of video, similar to a home video, the stop & start style is exactly that. The videographer is constantly recording different sections of the day then pressing stop record. When you watch it back the clips are simply joined back to back to form one long video. This is a non professional way of filming and requires little to no editing. It gives you slightly abrupt snapshots of the day, but can work well for lower budget productions whilst still capturing the various elements of your day. This style works well when capturing congratulation messages and quick moments throughout the day. This is the standard of filming you would expect for a low price, easily under £400.


dslr video

Professional wedding filming – Run & Gun Style

A more common style of wedding video you will see offered by professional videographers. Using higher end equipment, commonly DSLR or hybrid video cameras, the footage captured looks much more film like, with the shallow focus (blurred background) and sharp vibrant colours. Run and gun is a term which means the videographer uses hand held or shoulder mounted cameras to be able to move around freely without a tripod or excessive equipment. This is ideal for weddings and a style Lifestyle Visuals uses – alongside some other pro techniques (see next section).

The end result of these videos is usually a more polished film like edit, that shows the day from start to finish. A lot more time and skill is required to complete these videos. It’s common to find less experienced videographers offering a combination between both handy cam & run & gun styles. Be careful when choosing your videographer, and always check an example of their work. If you like what you see, then great. If you know someone with a more creative eye, then be sure to ask for their opinion.



Professional wedding filming – Cinematic + run & gun (more equipment)

As mentioned above the Run & gun style is perfect for weddings. Using a few more pieces of professional equipment can add some really beautiful shots into your wedding film. The majority of your film would be shot run & gun style, with some extra shots and posed couple shots being added in, resulting in a cinematic look. If you are the sort of bride & groom who are looking for the very best, this style of video is for you. The end result will be a piece of art to be proud of for years to come. Of course Lifestyle Visuals is proud to be able to offer this quality of production as standard.