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The cost of Wedding Videography explained

So your wedding planning has begun, and your list of ‘must haves’ is growing by the day. Your Wedding day is likely to be one of the most expensive days of your life, and there’s no question that many suppliers seem to add on a few more zero’s as soon as they hear the W

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What to expect from a videographer at your wedding

So you’re planning your big day and you’ve booked a photographer, however you’re still a little unsure if being filmed is just a step too far. Well no need to panic, it’s really no big deal… Our videographers work slightly differently to a photographer, and video can be far far less intrusive than having your

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Different styles of wedding videos

Different styles of wedding videos Wedding videos are a brilliant way to capture your big day, and can show far more of what went on than a photograph. This is why more and more couples are choosing to have both a photographer & videographer at their wedding. There is a few different styles of wedding video

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What to look out for when booking a wedding videographer

What should you be looking out for before selecting & booking a wedding videographer? This is a topic which is highly important, and one that would be unfair for us (as videographers) to write about, however we feel it’s important you do think about this… We have found a brilliant blog post from our friends

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