let's Shed some light on the situation

We have put together some common questions and answers – if there’s anything else we have’t covered then be sure to ask.

Why do you need two wedding videographers ?

2 Videographers are included in the full day packages to ensure we capture multiple angles for the ceremony, speeches, first dance etc… as these things only happen once, there’s no retakes! Also many weddings have multiple activities happening at once, so its handy to have flexibility on the day. We typically have one videographer shooting close ups, and the other capturing wider angles to show off the venue.

Are you properly insured to film my wedding?

Both Photographers & Videographers are required to be suitably insured in the case of injury to themselves or others, but also to cover the costs incurred by lost equipment or dissatisfied customers. We carry a full suite of insurances to ensure peace of mind for all.

Why should I have a wedding videographer?

Video is a hugely popular right now, and wedding videos have been a part of the wedding tradition for decades. Wedding videos have grown in popularity as social trends are seeing more and more people watching videos everyday via social media. Not only that, quality video equipment has become much more advanced allowing films to be extremely high quality. Remember photos are great, but they are only a few snapshots of the day, video allows you to see so much more, and get a true feeling of the day and your amazing venue!

Not only that, we can record congratulation messages, film the speeches and of course the first dance. You can share this with friends, family and those people who couldn’t make it. Want a short version for social media, no problem!

What is wedding cinematography?

Videography and cinematography are very similar terms. Cinematography derives from the art of film making (cinema). Wedding Cinematography is the art of making beautiful video, capturing a wedding in an artistic and film like manor. Cinematography can include staged shots, or acted out scenes for more visual impact, similar to a photoshoot but capturing video. Typically there is more emphasis on quality camera work and Professional editing. Most clients looking for cinematographers are expecting high-end production values – Lifestyle Visuals can deliver this with no hesitation.

My friend has a camcorder, why should I pay for a professional?

It’s likely your wedding day is the most special, and most expensive day of your life. Therefore why wouldn’t you want to capture the day as best as possible. Lets face it, your friend with their wobbly camcorder is probably not going to capture the best parts of the day, especially after a drink or two 😉 Of course if you are on a really tight budget, then of course some video is better than none. Answer this, would you forget the photographer and take all your wedding photos on an iPhone?

Does having a wedding videography interrupt the photographer?

No, usually there is an agreement between the videographer and photographer to ‘politely’ stay out of each others way. They will be able to work around each other with no detriment to your images. Many photographers & Videographers work together and this can improve the results.

How much of the wedding day do you film?

The time we spend filming is completely up to you. We are happy to film everything from getting ready, through to the last dance and beyond. See our packages for some options.

I don’t have a fancy location, how will that look on video?

Of course location does affect the final look of the video, however the location is not the focus point, you are. We capture emotions, family and the little details, our videographers will take creative decisions to make your video look the very best.

Video crews have loads of equipment and staff, won’t this disrupt the day ?

No, we use compact and wireless equipment, we are not usually any more disruptive than a photographer. We will blend in with the crowd and get the job done. Usually there’s one or two crew members depending on your package selection.

Will I have to pay a deposit to book a wedding videographer?

Yes, we ask for a 25% non-refundable deposit to secure the date. You will receive confirmation and your date is reserved. Full payment is required before the wedding day to allow us to release the final video to you as soon as possible.

Do I get to review the video before it’s finished?

Yes, it’s you wish to request to preview the video before it is burnt to DVD please ask – Most couples are extremely happy to leave the editing to our judgement. Music choices can be supplied in advance.

How long does it take before I receive the final video?

Generally we advise 8-12 weeks depending on the time of year and our schedule. Remember we are often editing multiple videos at the same time. Clients who purchase a wedding trailer often receive this sooner to wet the taste buds.

Where are you based? How far will you travel?

Location is everything and our East Northants postcode positions us no more than 2.5 hours away from the major parts of the UK. Our studio is located in Thrapston, Northamptonshire. We regularly travel several hours drive from our office, so location should not be a concern. If in doubt please ask.


Jamie Smith

Really couldn’t recommend Lifestyle Visuals enough! Chris & Jack captured our day in a way that far exceeded our expectations and we were absolutely over the moon with the final videos! Highly professional, sinking into the background, capturing every moment giving us the chance to relive our special day over and over. Can’t thank you enough!!

Jamie Smith